Ann Frenkel as Münina sings to poems by W. S. Merwin, Sylvia Plath, Aleksander Wat, Jerzy Ficowski.


W.S. Merwin, Good Night

Munina’s intro

Sylvia Plath, Mushrooms

Sylvia Plath, Miss Drake Proceeds to Supper

Sylvia Plath, Monologue at 3 AM

Aleksander Wat, The Bride

Aleksander Wat, Hölderlin

Aleksander Wat, 1905-1920-1965

Aleksander Wat, To Be a Mouse

Aleksander Wat, Lumen Obscurum

Jerzy Ficowski, By Itself

Jerzy Ficowski, The Irreplaceable

Jerzy Ficowski, My Cry and Your Silence

Jerzy Ficowski, A Hand for a Rookie Clock

Jerzy Ficowski, Warszawa Gdanska Station, 1968

H. Purcell, The Song of Cold Genius


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